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Geological Subcategories
- Sedimentary - Broadly covering any type of sedimentary rock or feature
- Fossil - Places with a notable presence of fossils
- Quaternary - Soils, sediment, glacial features. Anything geologically recent.
- Cave - Openings to underground tunnels or chambers, karst features.
- Mineral - Places with a notable presence of minerals
- Igneous - Hard rocks, molten at once, intrusive or extrusive. Hot springs and hydrothermal features included!
- Metamorphic - Rocks deformed by extreme temperatures and pressures
- Fault/fold - Visible faulting or folding structures in outcrop.
- Unconformity - Erosional contact indicating a lapse in geologic time
- Hydrology - Springs, seeps, artesian wells, and other water features
- Natural Disaster - Fires, tornados, earthquakes, landslides, washouts, floods, etc.

Camping Subcategories
- Backcountry - The most authentic camping, done where only feet can take you.
- Shelter - Common along popular trails, a shelter house is a welcome sight!
- Car Camping - Drive-up free campsites, often in a national or state forest
- 4WD HC Camping - Drive-up free campsites that require an offroad vehicle
- Federal Campsites - Fee campgrounds, with amenities, often in national and state parks.
- RV Park - Privately owned fee campgrounds that accept RVs (and tents too, usually)

Artistic Subcategories
- Painting - Any sort of painted art. Includes murals, street art, graffiti.
- Stonework - Stone carvings, often part of architecture or in cemeteries.
- Landscaping - Using plants, terraces, stones, and other items to create a beautiful space
- Sculptures - Abstract or realistic 3D works of art formed from wood, metal, or any other material

Wildlife Subcategories
- Wildflowers - All colors and varieties of wild or planted flower
- Fungus - Mushrooms, lichen, mold, or any related organism
- Plant - A small rooted organism, generally with leaves, sometimes berries or flowers
- Tree - A large rooted organism with branches and leaves or needles.
- Vermin - Small rodent or mammal such as a mouse, rat, prarie dog, chipmunk, etc.
- Amphibian - Semi-aquiatic organisms like frogs, salamanders, etc.
- Reptile - Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and related creatures
- Fish - Broad group for any water dwelling organism
- Bird - Songbirds and larger birds commonly seen
- Raptor - Hawks, eagles, falcons, and other large birds of prey
- Turkey - Turkeys, chickens, and similar birds
- Beaver - Beavers, woodchucks, and other large rodent-like animals
- Fox / Wolf - Any canine related animal including dogs, coyotes, etc.
- Feline - All felines including cougars, wildcats, mountain lions, domestic cats, etc.
- Goat / Sheep - Small hoofed creatures often found on farms or in the mountains
- Deer / Elk - Larger hoofed and horned creatures, including antelope, etc.
- Horse - Wild or domesticated galloping creatures
- Moose - Enormous hoofed and racked creatures found in deep woods
- Bison - Including buffalo, large ancient creatures that often live on the plains
- Bear - The king of the beasts, large powerful creatures with sharp claws. Bigfoot included.
- Insect / Other - Any insect or otherwise unlisted organism

Parks Subcategories
- National - National Parks, requiring fee, such as Glacier, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, etc.
- State - State Parks, usually requiring a pass or a fee to enter
- City - Usually free parks in or near urban areas, also includes Regional Parks
- Forest - Forests, grasslands, or natural areas on a National or State level. Generally free.

Gardens Subcategories
- General - Non-specific gardens, or any enjoyable planting!
- Rain - Designed to capture and decrease surface runoff through design and planting
- Community - Any place where people come together to garden. Plots may cost money.

Memorial Subcategories
- General - Any structure, sculpture, building, or object that is meant to memorialize someone or some thing
- Statue - Often made of bronze, memorial statues are common in parks and cities
- Bench - Benches are nice. Many times they have memorial dedications as well.
- Plaque - Sometimes the memorial dedication is simply a plaque in a boulder or on the ground.

Vista Subcategories
- General - Any type of vista not covered by the other subcategories
- Landscape - A view of the earth and it's terrain, often sweeping and impressive.
- Summit - A view of, or from, a high-point on a landscape
- Cityscape - Views of a city skyline, also includes any urban related photography
- Waterfall - Water makes for great views, especially when it is falling or ponded.

Recreational Subcategories
- Hiking - Any trail or space that is meant for hiking, backpacking, or walking
- Fishing - A legally fishable location in a lake, stream, river, or larger water body
- Boating - Lakes, creeks, rivers, bays, and other water bodies where motor or manual (canoe, kayak) boating can be enjoyed.
- Hunting - Locations where hunting is legal and game is known to be available
- Climbing - Cracks, routes, boulders, cliffs, outcrops, or other rocks or locations that are good for climbing
- Swimming - Ponds, pools, rivers, lakes, and other locations where swimming can be enjoyed
- Skating - Skate parks or other places where skating or skate boarding can be enjoyed (abandoned pools, loading docks, etc.)
- Offroading - Dirt, mud, or rock paths or trails that fourwheelers, jeeps, or other offroad vehicles can enjoy
- Gymnasium - Gyms or fitness centers where people gather to exercise and work out
- Tourist Attraction - Any location with little purpose other than to attract curious tourists
- Scenic Byway - Iconic and rural drives along moderately maintained roads, guaranteed to show beauty
- Other Recreation - Any sort of hobby or pasttime that is not yet defined
- Baseball - America's greatest game. Diamonds, fields, or stadiums where baseball, softball, or little-league is played
- Basketball - Courts where basketball is played. Can be indoors or outdoors, including stadiums
- Motor Racing - Any road, track, or speedway where cars can race.
- Soccer - The original 'futbol', a global sport. Places, stadiums, and fields where soccer is played
- Football - Stadiums or fields where American football is played. Rugby fields also inclided
- Tennis - Courts where people can play tennis or other similar sports (racquetball, squash)
- Volleyball - Sand or grass courts with a net where volleyball or badminton and similar games can be played
- Running - Tracks or other areas that are great for athletes that simply like to run
- Ice Sports - Arenas, indoors or out, where ice sports such as hockey, skating, or curling can be played
- Snow Sports - Generally outdoor locations where cross-country or downhill skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sledding, or other snow sports can be enjoyed
- Other Sports - Any other sport that hasn't been covered here, such as billiards or bowling

Historical Subcategories
- General - Historical points that don't fit well in any of the other subcategories
- Grave - Cemeteries, burial sites, burial mounds, headstones, and other resting places
- Ruins - Any partially destroyed structure, which remains only in ruins
- Ghost Town - Abandoned buildings, barns, houses, structures, villages, and locales
- Marker - Historical places, trails, or events that are marked. Could be a roadside marker, a wooden sign, or a monument
- Edifice - Buildings or structures with a historical significance
- Petroglyph - Any marking on stone, either through etching, paint, or smoke, that was left by earlier inhabitants

Structure Subcategories
- Building - A large structure, often with unique architectural or design features
- Bridge - Any of the clever ways that we allow pedestrians or vehicles to cross over another route or valley
- Tunnel - Any of the clever ways that we allow pedestrians or vehicles to cross under another route or through a hillside
- Dam - A structure that is meant to hold back a reservior or bay to prevent seasonal flooding and sometimes produce electricity
- Tower - Reaching for the stars, a tower can be meant for tourism, business, or as a cell phone antenna
- Other - Other undefined structures that do not fit in any subcategories

Community Subcategories
- General - Any community related point that does not fit in the other subcategories, including Emergency Shelter (storm & fallout)
- Library - A place where you are welcome to quietly read and check out books, do research, and often use the internet for free or a modest fee
- Soup Kitchen - A location where less fortunate people can get a free meal or food to prepare
- Homeless Shelter - A location where less fortunate people can sleep and take shelter for one or several nights
- Environmental Hazard - A place where human or natural activity has caused extreme pollution and hazards
- Litter Location - A place where gross amounts of trash have been dumped. Let's help to clean them up! Alternatively this icon is used for places where you can recycle, compost, or dispose of trash
- Religion - A holy location or place of worship for any religion or spiritual practice.
- Easter Egg - Little hidden surprises! Benchmarks, geocaches, unclassified user-contributed oddities

Business Subcategories
- General - Any sort of business that doesn't fit into the other subcategories
- Food - Establishments noted for serving or selling food. Restaurants and supermarkets included
- Entertainment - Places where generally ticketed entertainment events take place - stages, concert halls, bandshells, etc.
- Beverages - Establishments noted for serving beer, wine, coffee, milkshakes, or other drinkable delights
- Medical - Hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists offices, and other health-related businesses

Premium Subcategories
- Camping - The most incredible secluded campsites. Often at the end of desolate roads, these sites are free but hard to find
- Geology - The most amazing mineral, fossil, or other geologic features. These sites are too good to share with the general public
- Artistic - Incredible works of art that should be seen by all but are overlooked by most. Hidden artistic gems
- Recreation - The best secret hiking spots, swimming holes, or other recreational spots too nice to share with everyone
- Hunting / Fising - That one fishing or hunting spot that nobody knows about but always yields an easy catch or kill
- Urban Peace - In the midst of an urban jungle, there remain wonderful secret sanctuaries that few people have discovered
- Vista - The most breath-taking views that you wish you could find. Often associated with premium campsites, logically
- Exploration - Hidden openings to caves, tunnels, buildings, or other places begging to be explored. May be on private property!
- Other - Any point too special to share with the general public, but too specific to fit in any of the other subcategories, such as FREE AIR at gas stations!