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Lake Superior Agate Hunting Tool

Geospatial Data Analysis

Como Park Neighborhood

Como District 10 Data
Neighborhood-scale parcel data
for environmental properties!

Tobacco Root Mountain Rock Glaciers

Tobacco Root Mountain Rock Glaciers
Periglacial spatial data from my
Master's Thesis published in 2013!

Lake Superior Agate Hunter

Lake Superior Agate Hunter
An incredible tool to help you locate
the Minnesota State Gem! *Requires login

Point of Interest Mapping


Global point of interest mapping
It all began here!

Minneapolis / Saint Paul

Twin Cities GeoPOI
Points of interest in a
World-Class Metropolis!


Premium GeoPOI
For those who want the best points!
Add your own layers! *Requires login

Map-Based Tools

Como Pathways

Pathways Project
A community powered project
improving paths in Como Park!

Subterrainian Minnesota

Twin Cities Underground
Your guide to the caves and drains
beneath the Twin Cities! *Requires login

Minnesota Mushrooms

Fungus Hunter Minnesota
An interactive tree stand map
to help you find fungus!

Colorado County Jurisdictions

Colorado LoGo Search
Find what local government positions
a Colorado resident is eligable to run for!

Event Mapping

Minnesota State Fair

Fairly - Minnesota State Fair
Navigate the Fairgrounds with ease!
The best way to find what you want!

Twin Cities Winter Data Map

Super Bowl 52
Your must-have guide to the
2018 Super Bowl and Winter Carnival

Hiking Trail Maps

Adventure Hiking Trail

Adventure Hiking Trail
Custom-made topographic map of the
AHT in Southern Indiana!

Adena Trace Hiking Trail

Adena Trace Hiking Trail
Custom-made topographic map of the
Adena Trace at Brookville Lake, IN!

Superior Hiking Trail

Superior Hiking Trail
A new way to visualize SHT Data
For Minnesota distance hikers!

Web Design

Como Seed Savers

Como Seed Savers
A mobile seed library serving St. Paul
Great web resource for gardeners!


This merely scratches the surface of what is possible!

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