Why Coronado and GeoPOI?
These maps were created to help those outdoor enthusiasts who would like to explore more but are tired of doing hours of research to find out what to do, what to see, and how to get there. Hopefully, by taking away some of the guesswork in finding cool things, more people will be more interested in exploring the Rocky Mountains and the rest of the world outside of the all the well-known places like State Parks and National Parks.

How to Use?
Coronado and GeoPOI are designed to benefit a variety of users from car campers, to backcountry hikers, geology, history, and art enthusiasts, photographers, hunters and fishers. In the upper right you can toggle between different layers including a road map, terrain, and satellite. More importantly, you can search and sort only the points and information you would like to see and form the map to your interests!

What are premium points and why do they exist?
Premium points are primarily the best public free campsites that offer amazing views and a higher degree of solitude and serenity. If these locations were free then everyone would crowd around the best sites and avoid all the other good campsites that are available all over Colorado and the American West. Due to the fact that this is public land, they are not available for reservation so if you pay for the premium points you should feel assured that fewer people will likely be there and that you have the best information we have to offer. There are also some geological, exploration, and other points that are premium. These are special locations that have very cool features, caves, minerals, or fossils. Typically the geology is rare enough that the user knows that what is there is not a common sight. Divulging this information for free could cause the material that is there to be overused and disappear. Creating a paywall will ideally preserve the interesting geology for years to come while still allowing more people to enjoy the miracles of nature. If you want a part of the premium action, send an email to g@geopoi.us for more information or use the following form:

Premium Points
More specific location:

Coronado and GeoPOI PSA
Under the community designation, there are points that are referred to as Litter Locations. These sites are places that other people have used as their public dumpster and require a concerted effort to clean up. These maps are an opportunity to locate and clean up the big messes on our public lands, often a chore too large for one person to do while exploring. As more exploring is done, these locations are likely to expand in number, but the hope is that older sites will begin to be cleaned up. If you want to help in this process, please send an email to g@geopoi.us and hopefully we can get a group together!
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