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Q: What can I do if I'm confused?
First, try reading this FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. We are always looking for input on what is confusing, what features are in demand, and what we could do better. Please fill out the following form to submit your thoughts and questions:

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Q: Who can enjoy GeoPOI?
GeoPOI is for everyone!

Q: What is a GeoPOI?
GeoPOI refers to an interesting location anywhere on Earth; a geographical point of interest. The GeoPOI database collects these points in one centralized and searchable location.

Q: When can I GeoPOI?
The website is always available to find points. Some points are accessible at all times, while others have limitations. Read the descriptions and use common sense!

Q: Where can I find a GeoPOI?
Interesting places exist everywhere in the world! As this database grows, you can expect new points to show up nearby!

Q: Why should I GeoPOI?
There is no greater sensation than discovering something cool that you never knew existed! GeoPOI encourages people to explore and engage with the world around them while appreciating all that it has to offer!

Q: How do I find interesting points?
The easiest way to find points that you might be interested in is to filter by search and category. The search box for the table is located just below the map on the right side. This allows filtering by keyword(s). When you find a site of interest, click on the table entry to view the point on the map!

Q: What should I search for?
If you're not sure what to look for, you can always filter by layer category in the upper right corner of the map. You can control what types of points show up on the map, and then pan and zoom around to see the results.

Q: How do I know what points are nearby?
You can search for a city or address on the map by using the search box in the lower right corner. Alternatively, you can "Plot my current location" to display a circle where you are.

Q: What is "Premium" and why aren't there any of these points?
Some locations are just too special or fragile to share with the general public. These points are stored in a Premium database that can only be accessed with a Premium account. Premium points can be purchased individually or in groups for a modest fee - if you are interested in a Premium membership, send us an Email for more information and we will help you plan your next trip!