Como Community Seed Library was founded in 2015 to give access to sustainably sourced low cost heirloom, historic variety, and native seed to the Como Park community. We at CCSL value the wonderful unique community we live in that is reflected in the many community gardens, volunteer maintained public gardens as well as the many home gardens.

Why grow your own food?
Its fun, relaxing and accessible whether you have a yard or a few containers to grow in.

Why save seed?
By sowing, growing and sharing our own food and seeds we increase the resilience of our local food system, the crop diversity to which we as a community have access, and control over the growing conditions under which our food is produced. Seed of native plants saved is adapted to our very local growing conditions and therefore should be more successful and will increase your garden yield by inviting more pollinators to do their buzzy business.

How do I check out seeds for growing?
The library is a mobile collection open at various locations and times throughout the year. Join us at one of our pop-up events or contact us for your specific needs. You’ll find a calendar of events on our website, posted on Facebook and published through our email list. Simply give us some basic information about yourself ( name and contact information) and you are set to check out seeds and the other resources like sifters, books and other tools. At the end of the growing season we ask that you return some of the seed you saved from what you harvested to share with the community in the coming season. Our Growing Community is made up of dedicated volunteers, garden educators, and a network of community minded partners. The Como Community Seed Library would not exist without their support, guidance and generosity. Everyone is welcome to share their time, talents, gardening stories and seed.

Community Partners:

District 10 - Como Park Community Council
GeoPOI - Interactive Point-of-Interest Mapping

For more information on how to get involved, host the library at an event, neighborhood pop-up, or to join our email list contact us:
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