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There are two maps to choose from: the FREE Point of Interest map with nearly 200 year-round attractions in and around the State Fairgrounds, or the Premium State Fair Map with over 1200 data points inside the State Fairgrounds!

BOTH MAPS ARE NOW FREE! Thanks to everyone who purchased access to the premium map during the fair or visited our display at Como and Snelling for a complimentary code! A lot of time and effort went into making these maps. If you enjoy them, please consider leaving a nice review in Google Play, sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, or giving a donation! Thank you!

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The premium State Fair Map is your ticket to navigating the Minnesota State Fair with ease! It allows users to see the locations and details of over 1000 food and merchandise vendors in an intuitive GPS-enabled map that can be filtered with several different categories. The dynamic zooming display has three base layers to choose from including a day map, a night map, and satellite imagery.

Points are labeled with unique icons and marker colors based on their category. Vendors offering promotional items such as Blue Ribbon Bargain Book deals are listed with a larger icon that is bright yellow to help you locate the deals!

The premium map includes 9 categories of food vendors, 18 categories of merchandise vendors, and a wealth of practical data such as the locations of restrooms, ATM machines, artistic sculptures and statues, parking lots, smoking areas, hand-washing stations, storm shelters, rides, games, WiFi hotspots, and more to come!

Use GPS with most smartphone browsers to locate yourself in the chaos of the fairgrounds and clearly see everything that is around you. Prevent unnecessary stress and effort by finding only the vendors you want and getting the best deals and promotions! The modest cost to access this service will quickly be offset by the time and money you are able to save!

We have paid close attention to what the other State Fair Apps lack and have made every effort to provide the best State Fair App available! If you have new features you would like to see, feel free to contact us using the form with any suggestions, comments, or ideas!




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State Fair Map
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