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Just the Numbers - $19.99
A simple, no-frills summary. This package provides all of the basic relevant data values averaged over your property and a short write-up, but it doesn't include any graphics or specific details.

Deluxe Details - $49.99
Comes complete with high quality digital graphics (up to 1-meter resolution) and an informative written report containing relevant data values for a comprehensive remotely-sensed analysis of your property.

Map datasets include elevation, depth to water, depth to bedrock, slope, aspect, hillshade, wind speed, solar radiation, soil type, bedrock type, geothermal potential (3), aquifer sensitivity, and more!

Ground Truth - $99.99
The Deluxe Details Package, PLUS an on-site walkthrough of your property and reconnaissance investigation to document the "ground" truth of any relevant parameters. This includes looking at soil type and moisture content, water drainage patterns, ground slopes, flood hazards, the locations of solar and wind barriers, vegitation cover, a personalized geothermal assessment, and more!

Soil coring and probing is also available upon request. Collected data will be used to augment and enhance the accuracy of the remotely-sensed data and provide a more complete analysis of your property and situation.

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I am elated to bring my skills in spatial statistics, cartograpghy, earth sciences, and alternative energy to our District 10 Como Neighborhood with GeoPOI LLC! Although I am formally trained with a Master's degree in hydrogeology from Indiana University, I am not yet recognized as a professional geologist by the State of Minnesota and am not able to offer a professional consultation. By purchasing the Deluxe Details or Ground Truth Packages, you understand this limitation and accept that the delivered products are cartographic works and the assessment is for personal use only. Send any questions to g@geopoi.us

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